Business Area

A global pump company through challenges and innovations

As a pump company specializing in refining and petrochemicals, it continues to contribute to the development of domestic and foreign industries.

Refinery/Petrochemical/General chemical plant We design APIs, ISO, ASME and other process/non-process pumps for refineries/ petrochemicals and general chemistry with our own technologies and supplies them to a lot of plants outside the country. With excellent technology, quality, and rich experience, we export our products to more than 30 major overseas countries. Moreover, we will further grow as a global innovation pump company representing Korea based on continuous research, development and unparalleled technology for pumps applied to the refinery/ petrochemical/general chemical sector.

Power generation plant DYCP designs, produces and supplies a variety of pumps for power generation plant applications to meet customer's request. We are also focusing on the localization of major pumps for power plants through internal design modernization, such as national government initiatives by government agencies, industry-academia cooperation, and technology development projects in cooperation with quasi-government agencies. By doing these, we are expanding our business area by developing and supplying pumps with a wide range of applications that are essential to power generation plants.

Industrial plant We supplies pumps to industrial plants outside Korea through differentiated technology and research. We are constantly researching and developing high-performance pumps for various industries, not just in the fields we supply today, and we are entering various industries. As one of Korea's leading pump companies, we will actively respond to the 4th industrial era and contribute to the development of it.